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Women's Studies

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WMNST 100 - Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Women’s Studies employs an interdisciplinary set of tools for analyzing women’s experiences. The subject studies the ways that sex and gender manifest themselves in social, cultural and political contexts. This course will concentrate on the experiences of women in the United States; however, on occasion, we will broaden our scope. This course does not only consider differences between women and men, but it also explores differences among women. The readings and discussions will be designed to position race, class, sexuality, and other aspects of identity in relation to gender. Discussing the relationship among these categories, we will analyze how and when they function within our society.

WMNST 105 - Living in a Diverse World

In this course, we will use comedy, literature, graphic novels, film, and scholarly texts to explore how conceptions of social difference, such as those linked to categories of gender, race, sexuality, class and disability, shape society and everyday interactions in the United States and cross-culturally.

WMNST 106 - Women in the Arts and Humanities

In this course, we will explore some of the contributions made by women in the cultural arena. There will be a variety of writers, filmmakers, and artists, both famous/infamous and little known, celebrated and condemned.

WMNST 136 - Race, Gender, and Employment

This course will focus on providing you a comprehensive understanding of the “how” and “why” of employment inequalities in order to better assess potential solutions. The content of this course touches on theories of employment stratification, empirical studies of inequality, labor legislation, worker organizations, and current events to begin to develop a picture of work inequality, as it exists today and where it may be going in the future.

WMNST 245 - Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies

Throughout this course, we will investigate the changing sets of beliefs over time that have constituted a variety of sexualities. We will consider how sexuality is not a "natural" phenomenon but a set of beliefs that have changed over time. We will look at pop culture, politics, literature, law, film, and art. We will look at LGBTA life primarily in the United States while also considering other cultural contexts.

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