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Philanthropic Leadership

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LA 402 - Fundraising Leadership I: Building a Strong Base

This course provides the student with an understanding of the perspectives of philanthropists and the role that strategic fundraising leadership plays in encouraging new and increased philanthropy. Upon completion students will be able to describe and differentiate among different levels of leadership, articulate the skills and characteristics possessed by high-performing fundraising leaders, and differentiate between fundraising leadership and management.

LA 802 - Fundraising Leadership II: Achieving Success

The course will focus on advanced topics in fundraising and leadership, including strategic planning and the accompanying communications, management of campaigns, events and people, and stewardship necessary to achieve success.

LA 895 - Practicum

The practicum is envisioned as the capstone experience of the Philanthropic Leadership Certificate Program. It will give you practice applying the skills and knowledge acquired in the other courses, while at the same time demonstrating to current or prospective employers your ability to lead a successful fund-raising operation.

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