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Organizational Leadership

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OLEAD 100 - Introduction to Organizational Leadership

This course introduces key leadership concepts and practices based on current theory and research. It will help students to recognize and apply key concepts, skills, and practices characteristic of effective leaders in groups and organizations.

OLEAD 409 - Leadership Development:  A Life-Long Learning Perspective

In this course, we will discuss the authentic transformational leadership development from a lifespan developmental perspective. More specifically, we will discuss how an individual can develop his or her leadership skills, potential, and capacity in childhood, school, social organizations, colleges, and work organizations, etc.

OLEAD 464 - Communication Skills for Leaders in Groups and Organizations

This course is a survey of theory, research, and practice related to processes by which individuals in groups and organizations exercise influence, independently of whether or not they occupy positions of acknowledged leadership. During the course, you will become acquainted with a variety of perspectives on the study of leadership, research dealing with its functions, and practices that contribute to effective group and organizational performance.

OLEAD 465 - Collective Decision Making

This course presents a broad overview of theories and practices in decision making as related to choice making in organizations. Of particular interest are decision-making practices, as well as theories that account for them, in single-motive situations (in which participants in the process are pursuing a common goal) and mixed-motive situations (in which two or more of the participants are competitively related but must cooperate to achieve their objectives).

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