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Comparative Literature

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CMLIT 010 - Introduction to World Literature

This course includes the reading and interpretation of selected works of literature from diverse parts of the world. This class has two larger goals: one is to help you discover the connections between literatures created in different geographies. The second is that you will trace the cross-references among literary works chronologically and have a sense of continuity and interconnections among related traditions.

CMLIT 105 - The Development of Literary Humor

This course examines literary humor as expressed in myth, folktale, satire, comedy, and other literary forms from ancient times to the present, in an international and multicultural context.

CMLIT 106 - The Arthurian Legend

This course is designed to familiarize students with the legends about and surrounding King Arthur and the Round Table fellowship. Throughout, the course will ask why and how the stories of Arthur and the Round Table fellowship have captured the imagination of artists, political and religious leaders, and readers throughout the ages and around the world.

CMLIT 108 - Myths and Mythologies

This course explores myths and mythic traditions from non-Western cultures. We will read, analyze, and "discuss" myths from Native American, ancient Near Eastern, Hindu and African traditions. In comparing this variety of myths, we will see how beliefs from around the world differ, yet share important metaphors and express universal human concerns.

CMLIT 153 - International Cultures Through Literature and Film

This course offers an analysis of international film and literature and will provide you with conceptual frameworks and vocabulary for understanding and explaining how films and literature function or in some cases do not function.  This course strives to help you experience culture critically by analyzing how movies and literary works create meaning(s).

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