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ANTH 001 - Introduction to Anthropology

Introduction to Anthropology covers the development of the scientific discipline, as well as the theories, methods, and data that form the basis of the study of ancient peoples, their cultures, and environments.

ANTH 011 - Introduction to North American Archaeology

This course is an introduction to archaeology of the North American Indians, and it explores sites, methods, and results of research interpreted in cultural history. The course surveys the archaeology of North America, including Mexico.

ANTH 021 - Introductory Biological Anthropology

This course will build on your current understanding of what it means to be human, what our closest living relatives are like, what your own genetic and health information means, and how humans are different from our recent ancestors.

ANTH 022 - Humans as Primates

This course is an introduction to the biological bases of human anatomy and behavior using our closest living relatives, the non-human primates, for comparison. The principal goal of the course is to critically evaluate arguments concerning what makes us uniquely human and the role of genetics, environment, and evolutionary history on the development of human behavior and anatomy.

ANTH 045 - Cultural Anthropology

This course provides a basic Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, the comparative study of human behavior and social organization throughout the world. Cultures in both traditional and modernizing contexts are considered.

ANTH 060 - Modern Israel

This course will focus on understanding the people of the State of Israel. We will look at what is important to them, how they see and organize themselves, and how they understand and experience the world around them. This course will focus on society and culturesin the State of Israel (the nation-state established in 1948); it will look at the cultural worldviews to be found there and at the social relations among its people.

ANTH 146 - North American Indians

This course is a review of Native American cultures located north of Mexico. It will cover the cultures that developed just prior to, during, and immediately after contact with non-Indian explorers and settlers.

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