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Class Continuity Assistance

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The purpose of this page is to get faculty up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a campus disruption.  It includes direct links to the Canvas Instructor Guide sections and Quickstart guides to hosting Class Zoom meetings and narrating PowerPoints using Zoom.

We recommend using Penn State supported tools and services to create your online course content to ensure that you and your students can receive technical support, if needed, and to ensure that your course information is secure and meets minimum accessibility standards.


There are many other more extensive resources available on various Penn State sites including the following:

Office of Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship:

Teaching and Learning with Technology:



Canvas Basics

Below are links to specific sections of the Canvas Instructor Guide.

How to send email to the class

How to send email to an individual student in class

How to create a class announcement

How to place students in groups

How to set up discussion spaces (Note: For group discussions, create groups first)

How to set up submission space (drop boxes)

How to create a quiz or exam

How to create a page of content

How to upload papers, files, etc.

How to link students to uploaded files


Zoom Basics

These guides include steps for getting your courses online as quickly as possible.

Using Zoom meetings for live classes Quickstart Guide

Using Zoom to narrate PowerPoint Slides Quickstart Guide



If an emergency requires the disruption of in-person classes, then accommodations need to be made for students with disabilities who have notified their instructors through the Office of Student Disability Resources.  Below is some helpful information, but for specific questions, please contact the Office of Student Disability Resources:


To adjust time for quizzes and exams in Canvas

Adjust Due Dates for assignments in Canvas (Scroll down to “Edit Due and Availability Dates”)

To add captioning in Zoom Recordings

Before hosting a Zoom meeting and/or recording your video, you need to enable Cloud Video Transcribing 

  • After signing into Zoom, click on the Settings tab located on the left menu. 
  • Click on “Recordings” option from the toolbar at the top of the screen. 

Under the Advanced cloud recording settings subheading, click the Audio Transcript checkbox to enable it, then click Save to confirm the change. 

If you would like further assistance, please contact Wendy Mahan -


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