Surviving an Active Shooter

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A training program that uses chilling realism to demonstrate how to survive an active shooter is now available for the campus community.

StaySAFE: Surviving an Active Shooter is available to anyone with a Penn State Access ID at The strategies in the Penn State Public Media-produced program follow the acronym SAFE, defined as:

  • Search for a safe place.
  • Alert the authorities.
  • Find a place to hide.
  • End the threat.

The program addresses how to identify violent situations, what to do, what to expect from law enforcement and how University emergency warning systems will be used. A key piece of the training is a seven-minute video depicting two attackers who detonate a bomb outside the Business Building and storm in with rifles. Clad in black hats, black shirts and toting black duffel bags, the men begin firing in the halls leaving multiple bodies on the floor. Students and employees filled most of the roles, with makeup artists creating wounds and burns for several of them.

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