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This website and awards process is designed to ensure that the best faculty, staff, and graduate student candidates from the College of the Liberal Arts are considered for University and college-level awards in recognition of outstanding teaching, research, advising, service, leadership, and performance. The college awards process is integrated with the University awards process, so those who are not put forward for University recognition will be considered for college-level recognition in categories where the college has a similar award.

Note that the process for The Graduate School faculty and student awards and the Office of Human Resources Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards is managed separately with award calls arriving in the fall.


For faculty research and service awards, contact , 865-2605

For faculty teaching awards, advising awards, and undergraduate awards, contact 863-3876

For graduate awards, contact , 865-1439

For staff awards, contact , 865-3714

For faculty outreach awards, contact , 863-5965

For the Faculty Excellence in Sustainability Award, contact , 865-0010


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