If you are interested in the theme of women’s activism, take a look at some of the courses offered during the fall 2020 semester that highlight expertise in related areas.

FR 202

Revolutionary Women

FR 452Y

Women's Writings and Activism

FR 470

Race and Gender Issues in Literature in French

HRER 536

Diversity in the Workplace


U.S. Women's History

HIST 130

Civil War

HIST 142

History of Communism


Russian Economic History
HIST 408 Medieval Church and State

LER 136 

Race, Gender, and Employment

PHIL 008

Gender Matters

PHIL 114

Feminist Philosophy

PHIL 208

Contemporary Philosophy


Sex, Gender, and the Body
WMNST 297 Special Topics: Global History of the Reproductive Justice Movement
WMNST 303 Race and Gender in the Americas: Latin American and Caribbean Cultures
WMNST 400N Debates in Contemporary Feminism
WMNST 401 Doing Feminism: Theory and Practice
WMNST 428 Gender and Politics
WMNST 452 Women's Health Issues


Here are some of the courses that were offered during the spring 2020 semester.

AFAM 101 African American Women
AFAM 103 Racism and Sexism
AFAM 114N Race, Gender and Sport
AFAM 213 African American Women's History
AFAM 364N Black and White Sexuality
CAS 175 Persuasion and Propaganda
CAS 222 Foundations of Civic and Community Engagement
CAS 210 Landmark Speeches
CAS 311 Rhetorical Criticism
CAS 375 Rhetoric and Controversy
FR 201 Oral Communication and Reading Comprehension
FR 202 Grammar and Composition
FR 475 Women’s History in Post-Revolutionary France
IT/WMST/HIST/CMLIT 240Q Artistic Patronage in Europe
LGWR 597 Gender, Race, and Labor in Comparative Perspective
PORT 397 Arts and Politics in Contemporary Brazil
SPAN 326 Reading the Borderlands
WMNST 100N Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WMNST 105N Living in a Diverse World
WMNST 106N Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art, and Popular Cultures
WMNST 200 Global Feminisms
WMNST 300 Latinas in the US: Gender Culture and Society
WMNST 301 Sexualities, Gender, and Power: Feminist Thought and Politics

Autobiography: Gender, Race, and Identity

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