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How do I apply for an academic scholarship?

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Scholarships are available for eligible full-time students in the College of the Liberal Arts at University Park campus during the academic year who have filed a FASFA. To learn more about eligibility, important dates, and more visit the scholarship information page .

How do I schedule a meeting with my adviser?

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To schedule an appointment with your academic adviser, log onto Starfish . If you’d like to see which advisers are assigned to each major and minor, visit our Majors and Minors page . Learn more about Academic Advising in the College of the Liberal Arts.

Where do I find more information about basic undergrad student processes and procedures?

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While students should always schedule an appointment with their adviser prior to taking actions that impact their studies such as: change of campus, declaring or changing a major or minor, or taking a leave of absence; general information about these processes and procedures.

Where do I find more information about opportunities to engage in career-related, international, and professional development opportunities?

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The Career Enrichment Network is your resource for internships, study abroad experiences, research, mentoring and professional development opportunities, and funding for Liberal Arts undergraduate students. You can set up a virtual appointment to discuss opportunities.

What is the Paterno Fellows Program?

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It is an honors program that includes advanced academic coursework, thesis, study abroad and/or internship, ethics study, and leadership/service commitments. Many Paterno Fellows are also Schreyer Scholars. Learn more about becoming a Paterno Fellow .

Where can I find commencement information?

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For information about recent or upcoming commencement-related matters, please visit our Commencement page .

How do I dispute a grade that I received?

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You must first discuss grading practices and assignments with your instructor. If you are unable to resolve the dispute with your instructor, you should then ask the department head (or their designee) to review the issue. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the instructor and department head, you can request formal grade adjudication by completing a Grade Adjudication Petition Form and submitting it, along with any supporting documentation, to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies of the college offering the course no later than 10 weeks following the end date of the course. Refer to policy G-10: Grade Mediation and Adjudication for additional information.

How do I find out more information about the College’s academic integrity policy and procedures?

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It is important for students to adhere to the College of the Liberal Arts Honor Code not only as a student, but into their personal and professional life. Many answers to questions about the academic integrity process can be found here . If you have additional questions, email the Academic Integrity Office at laai@psu.edu .

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