Women's Studies

For more information on the Department of Women's Studies study abroad program, please contact:

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, Associate Professor of Women's Studies and English
Department of Women's Studies| 110 Willard Building, University Park, PA 16802

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Arcadia: Brisbane, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 
CIEE: Cape Town, Arts and Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa 
CIEE: University of Wollongong, Arts and Sciences, Wollongong, Australia 
IES: Amsterdam, Study Amsterdam,  Amsterdam, Netherlands 
CIC-SPA: India, Studies in International Development, Jaipur, India
IES: London, London, UK 
IES: Rabat, Study in Rabat, Rabat, Morocco 
IES: The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia 
Leeds: University of Leeds, Leeds, UK 
Perth: University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Academic Notes:

The Australian and British universities are more likely to have "women's and gender studies" courses similar to ours, and the programs through Penn State are at uniformly excellent institutions. 

However, the department strongly encourages its majors to travel and study in non-Western cultures, as global and transnational feminisms are a critical dimension of the field today. The challenges for women and minority genders around the globe are not only different from so-called developed countries, but feminist responses to those challenges are also different, reflecting the values and aspirations of those particular cultures. 

In all cases, women's studies students are encourage to seek internships as well, as internship hours can count toward the major.

Other Important Information:

For more information on global experiences and enrichment funding in the College of the Liberal Arts, please contact the Career Enrichment Network staff at lanetwork@psu.edu or 814-865-1070.

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