For more information on the Department of Sociology study abroad program, please contact:

Karen Sones, Academic Adviser
Department of Sociology | 317 Oswald Tower, University Park, PA 16802 |

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Zagreb, Croatia: Social Transformation in 20th Century Eastern Europe (Summer)

CIEE: Cape Town, Arts and Sciences 

Singapore: National University of Singapore 

Leeds: University of Leeds

Melbourne: University of Melbourne 
Dublin: University College Dublin

Academic Notes:

Students may take courses in the major with prior approval from the department. 

SOC majors may NOT take the following courses abroad: SOC 001, 207, 400W, 405, 470. 

Student may apply up to 6 study abroad credits in SOC towards the major as long as they receive PRIOR APPROVAL FROM THE DEPARTMENT.

Other Important Information:

There are numerous universities that offer Sociology programs/courses world-wide, so students should not limit themselves only to the programs listed above.

For more information on global experiences and enrichment funding in the College of the Liberal Arts, please contact the Career Enrichment Network staff at or 814-865-1070.

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