For more information on the Department of Philosophy study abroad program, please contact:

John Christman, Professor of Philosophy, Political Science and Women's Studies and Undergraduate Officer
Department of Philosophy | 213 Sparks Building, University Park, PA 16802

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

IES: Freiburg, Language and Area Studies

The Philosophy Department has close ties with the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, exchanging graduate students, post docs and faculty. We will be glad to talk with you about studying in this beautiful university town, near France, Switzerland and the Black Forest.

IES: Berlin, Language and Area Studies

Berlin has been centrally important to philosophy for a number of centuries, and Berlin is one of the most exciting cites in Europe right now, a real cultural crossroads. Discover the culture of the Baltic Sea.

IES: Paris, French Studies Program

Many Philosophy Department faculty members work in Paris and have close ties with students and colleagues there. You can hear some of the greatest French thinkers give public lectures at the Collège de France, aside from your regular courses. We will be happy to suggest courses to take in the City of Light, as you improve your French language skills.

Athens: History, Culture and Archaeology of Greece

Improve your mastery of Ancient Greek, and learn to think about human culture in terms of millennia rather than centuries. In springtime, the islands and coastline of Greece are the closest place to the Elysian Fields that you can find in this life; you can take a ferryboat from Athens to Aegina or Poros in less than an hour.

Cape Town: South Africa, Parks and People

This program focuses on cultural geography, but it can be combined with philosophy of biology and bioethics. The Bioethics Program and the Rock Ethics Institute, closely connected with the Philosophy Department, have ongoing links with South Africa, which we would be glad to discuss with you.

IES: The University of Sydney

Combine the study of philosophy with Asian Studies or Gender Studies at the University of Sydney. The Philosophy Department at the University of Sydney is the most distinguished in Australia.

IES: Oxford, St. Catherine’s College

Oxford is one of the world’s oldest universities, and has been a hotbed of philosophical thought since the Middle Ages. Some of England’s greatest thinkers teach there; the city is both beautiful and bucolic.

IES: Dublin, Trinity College Honors Program

Study philosophy at one of Ireland’s most distinguished and oldest institutions, while discovering the 18th c. charm of the city, and the wild seacoast of Western Ireland.

Academic Notes:

  • Students may take up to 6 study abroad credits (per semester) in Philosophy towards their major as long as they receive prior approval from the department.
  • Thanks to the generosity of the Dotterer Family, philosophy majors may apply for $1000-$4000 to support their study abroad.
  • Check in with Undergraduate Officer, Emily Grosholz (201 Sparks, as well as the Academic Advisor Mary Cameron (234 Sparks, as you formulate your plans. The programs given above are good places to start, but there are many other possibilities that we will be glad to discuss.

Other Important Information:

The Department of Philosophy encourages study abroad. Philosophy majors interested in the history of philosophy may want to study at the Universities of Freiburg, Berlin, Paris, or Athens, where they can also improve their language skills in German, French, or Ancient Greek. Majors interested in issues of race, ethnicity or gender may choose the University of Cape Town, South Africa, the University of Singapore, or the University of Sydney, Australia. Those interested in political science, religious studies or philosophy of science may wish to attend Oxford, the University of London, or Trinity College, London. For more information about the major see

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