For more information on study abroad programs for Italian majors, please contact:

Maria Truglio, Associate Professor of Italian
Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese | 237 Burrowes Building, University Park, PA 16802

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Todi: Italian Language, Art History, and Visual Arts (Summer)

A long-standing faculty led summer program. The location in a small town in central Italy, and the home-stays with local host families, as well as the range of language courses make it ideal for language progress and cultural immersion. Course work and field trips make it very suitable for those interested in Italian Art and Art History.

Reggio Calabria, Italy: Language and Culture (Summer)
A faculty led summer program focused entirely on Italian language and culture. A very rare opportunity to study in Southern Italy and learn about its unique culture and history.

Florence: International Studies Institute (ISI) at Palazzo Rucellai
In the historical heart of Florence, the Institute offers a General Studies program which is widely recognized for its diversity and excellence. All students are required to take Italian language for a total of 4 credits. A selection of elective courses in English (3 credits each) are available in various subject areas such as Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art History & Studio Art, Classics, Communication, Food Studies, History, International Business, Italian Language & Literature, Political Science, Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture.

IES Siena
The unique "Presence of the Past" core course is very appropriate for Liberal Arts students. The option for students with very advanced language skills to enroll at the local Italian university is an excellent opportunity to "really" study in Italy. Siena's medieval character, rich cultural history, and proximity to Florence make it an ideal site.

IES Rome
Recommended for those who are willing and able to immerse themselves in a major city. A wide range of courses gives students flexibility in scheduling.

IES Milan
A very broad range of courses in Italy's major northern city. Particularly appealing for those with interests in business or fashion.

The Umbra Institute in Perguia (Arcadia University)
Perugia is the big university town in a small Italian city. It offers both a General Studies program (with Italian language courses plus others in English) as well as an intensive Italian program for all levels. There is also a Food Studies Program.

Temple Rome: Liberal Arts
The benefits of Temple Rome include its size, student support services, experiential learning opportunities (tutoring programs, internships, cultural integration events, community service projects), an extensive array of site visits and course excursions, its historic facilities (including studios for printmaking, darkroom, digital photo, sculpture, painting and architecture, a large contemporary art gallery, a vast library collection, computer lab), and broad course offerings in Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Classics, Economics, English, History, International Business, Italian Language, Italian Literature, Marketing, Painting, Photography, Political Science, Psychology, Printmaking, Sculpture, Sociology, Urban Studies

Academic Notes:

The Italian program strongly encourages but does not require study abroad in Italy for all IT majors for the obvious benefits of linguistic and cultural immersion. All of the above-listed programs can be integrated into an IT major course of study in any of our three major options. The Lang and Lit option recognizes eight credits taken in Italy as fulfilling a required category, the Applied Italian option accepts nine abroad credits as fulfilling a category, and Italian Studies majors can use language classes like IT 399, Italian Literature classes, and course work in related fields such as Art History to make progress in their major. In general, we advise students to plan their summer or semester abroad when they are at the intermediate-level of language development. Students should be aware that most programs offer few IT courses at the 400-level. All students should meet with an Italian major adviser to help select the best program for their individual needs and to plan an appropriate selection of coursers. Students may also consult the Italian program website for details on the majors:

Other Important Information:

IT major advisers: Maria Truglio, mxt34; Sherry Roush, slr21 ; Johanna Rossi Wagner, jir105

For more information on global experiences and enrichment funding in the College of the Liberal Arts, please contact the Career Enrichment Network staff at or 814-865-1070.


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