For more information on the Department of Sociology study abroad program, please contact:

Karen Sones, Academic Adviser
Department of Sociology | 317 Oswald Tower, University Park, PA 16802 |

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands-Dutch Criminal Justice
CRIM J 499A European Criminal Justice (6 credits)-required
CRIM J 499B Independent Study in Europe (3 credits)-optional

The program is designed to introduce students to concepts of crime and punishment in The Netherlands and to provide an opportunity for direct exposure to a system very different from our own. Students will observe Dutch ideology and practice in the design, rationale, and implementation of criminal justice.

The students will be accompanied to Amsterdam by Dr. Howard Smith, Lecturer of Crime, Law, and Justice, in the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State. The class will be taught primarily by various professors in The Netherlands and by several guest lecturers. All are authorities on crime and the Dutch justice system.

Three credits of CRIM J 499A may be applied to major requirements, the remaining credits can be used towards meeting electives.

Arcadia: London, University of Westminster
The University of Westminster is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom and is very involved with international education. The university has three campuses in central London and one in Harrow and offers more than 300 courses, including classes in Crime, Law, and Justice. Westminster has state-of-the art labs, classrooms, libraries and computing networks, as well as cafés, bars and sporting facilities. Limited housing is available on campus.

Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington is the capital and geographical center of New Zealand and is located on the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand. It’s the second largest city in New Zealand and the university is located within walking distance of the city. A large selection of courses is available including English, Maori studies, philosophy, political science, religious studies, and criminology. Students live in a residential or student apartment.

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
The University of New South Wales is one of Australia's top research institutes and offers a large number of courses including business, arts, architecture, and criminology. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is the largest and oldest city in Australia. Students generally live in student apartments or rental houses.

Academic Notes:

Criminology majors may not take CRIM 012, 100, or 250W abroad. CRIM 100 (Introduction to the Criminal Justice System) and CRIM 012 (Criminology) cover American criminal justice and crime problems and students will not receive the same level of coverage in a course offered abroad. CRIM 250W is a required research methods course that students must take at the University Park campus.

Students may apply up to 15 study abroad credits in criminal justice towards the major as long as they have received prior approval from the department.

Other Important Information:

For more information on global experiences and enrichment funding in the College of the Liberal Arts, please contact the Career Enrichment Network staff at or 814-865-1070.

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