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For more information on study abroad opportunities in the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences, please contact:

Kristie Kalvin, Academic Adviser
Department of Communication Arts & Sciences| 234 Sparks Building, University Park, PA 16802 |

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Vienna, Austria: Intercultural Communication (Summer)

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences prepares students to better grasp and harness the power of communication in the personal, professional, and public spheres while also seeking to open students' minds to the complexities of human affairs. Offering students to fully immerse themselves in a different culture for a four week period and focus on a few specific aspects while abroad provides a unique chance to support this mission. The University of Vienna is the largest teaching and research institution in Austria, a safe and prosperous country located in the hear of Europe. The Department of Communications, founded after World War II, has a long tradition of making contributions to the social sciences. Some areas faculty and student focus on include the theory of media and democracy, rhetoric, political communication, journalism, media law, public relations, advertising, and the study of new information systems.

CIEE: Alicante, Liberal Arts (Alicante, Spain)

IES: Amsterdam, Pre-Law Certification Program (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

CIEE: University of Wollongong, Arts and Sciences (Wollongong, Australia)

Arcadia: London, University of Westminster (London, United Kingdom)

IES: Tokyo, Society and Culture (Tokyo, Japan)

We've highlighted some of the programs that fit well into a Communication Arts & Sciences major or minor. They are meant as examples, so don't confine your search to this list. For a complete list of education abroad opportunities available through Penn State, visit the Global Programs website.

Academic Notes:

Students interested in studying abroad and applying credits towards Communication Arts and Sciences major or minor requirements should consult with the Communication Arts and Science adviser about the process for receiving approval for courses not listed on the course equivalency list. For courses not already evaluated, the Communication Arts and Sciences undergraduate director will determine how credits taken abroad may count towards the major or minor. Ideally students should start this planning before going abroad.

Other Important Information:

The Communication Arts and Sciences undergraduate coordinator will screen overseas coursework and help you fit appropriate courses into your major requirements. Courses that you would like to count as credits in the major must offer a study of communication (e.g., gender, intercultural, rhetoric, personal identities, organizational communication, research methods, interpersonal, debate, political communication), but don’t have to be listed under “CAS.” Many programs offer communication courses, including classes in these and other subjects. Look for junior-and senior-level courses. For exact course substitutions (CAS 200, 201, 202, 204, 203, etc.) the course needs to be equivalent. In many cases, it may be easier to apply study abroad credits to the general elective area. Also, think about applying study abroad credits to the University’s General Education and Bachelor of Arts requirements. Studying abroad will automatically fulfill the International Cultures (IL) requirement. Studying abroad will NOT fulfill the B.A. Other Cultures requirement, unless you take a course abroad that fits the definition of the requirement.

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