African Studies

For more information on the African Studies study abroad program, please contact:

Clemente Abrokwaa, Senior Lecturer in African Studies
African Studies Program | 111 Willard Building, University Park, PA 16802 |

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Embedded:BB H 390B-Global Health Fieldwork Experience

This program introduce students to the African society, in terms of its social, economic, political and cultural institutions. It helps participants to add first-hand experience to the knowledge acquired in the classroom about the African continent and its peoples

CIEE: Legon, Arts and Sciences

CIEE: Cape Town, Arts and Sciences

CIC-SPA: Senegal, Studies in International Development

Academic Notes:

Students are encouraged to take at least two African Studies courses, preferably AFR 110 and 192 or 202 to introduce them to the African society and its economic, political social and cultural aspects before their study abroad in the chosen African country. It is also important for them to discuss with Dr. Abrokwaa the courses they want to take while in Africa to ensure that they will be able to get credit for each of them and to count towards their major or minor program. The majority of the courses/credits taken will be applied towards the major or minor program of the student. There is no maximum credit limit.

Other Important Information:

It is important for prospective students to take African Studies courses first, before traveling to Africa and also to discuss their plans and courses with Dr. Abrokwaa first, to be familiar with the African cultural practices before embarking on their trip to avoid too much culture shock upon their arrival in the country.

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