A student petition is a formal request for a waiver of a Faculty Senate Policy.  Students wishing to petition for a waiver of academic rules may do so under the following petition types.

What is needed in a petition?

All petitions submitted must include a detailed letter with supporting documents.

Letters should describe what the extenuating circumstances were, how they affected the student’s academic performance, and why the requested action was not done in a timely manner.

  • Your letter should be typed, clear, factual, logical, and brief.
  • Begin by stating your request.
  • Explain why you did not or could not follow the appropriate policy.
  • Explain how you have resolved the problem.
  • List the supporting materials you are enclosing.
  • Check your grammar, spelling and word usage.

The Senate Subcommittee on Academic Standards prefers at least one piece of supporting documentation to be included with the student letter. Students should provide any documentation that they think may help make their case stronger.

Supporting documentation include items such as:

  • Obituary or death certificate
  • Medical documentation
  • Mental health documentation
  • Employer documentation for work/school conflicts
  • Military documentation for deployment or other military-related circumstances
  • Financial documentation

Guidelines to follow when submitting supporting documentation:

  • Documents from business sources (doctors, lawyers, instructors, psychologist, etc.) should be on letterhead, signed and dated.
  • Documents must match the time-frame of the request.
  • The originator must fax faxed documents to us.
  • Medical/psychological documents must give sufficient information for us to decide whether you were capable of attending class, completing assignments, following policy and procedure. In other words, was the problem severe enough to have the effect you describe in your letter?
  • Letters from advisers should document problems rather than provide character references.
  • Letters from instructors should indicate how they are involved and whether they support your request. In the case of retroactive change of grade, the instructor should fill out the appropriate form and send it directly to 005 Sparks Building. Students are not permitted to hand carry change-of-grade forms.

Student Action

The student should prepare their packet of information and submit it to the Student Services Center in Room 005 Sparks.

University Response

After a petition has been submitted to the Student Services Center, our staff will look over the petition and make sure that all of the necessary documentation is included.

Our college representative will review and make a recommendation before the petition is forwarded to the Senate office to be reviewed by the Senate Subcommittee on Academic Standards.

Students can expect a decision within four to six weeks from the Faculty Senate Office.   A letter is mailed to the address provided in your petition.


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