Internship with Penn State Career Services Mock Interview Internship Program
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Gerald Ulmer

Majors: Communications Arts and Sciences
Labor Studies and Employee Relations
Minor: Business

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I learned about this opportunity from a walk-in counseling session at Career Services.

Tell us a little bit about your experience?

As an intern with the Mock Interview Program I would conduct at least two interviews per week with fellow undergraduate and graduate-level students for any position in which they were interested in applying for in the near future. I would conduct a professional interview with each student and then follow it up with a feedback session in which I offered my advice and help with the interview process. 

This program has helped to shape me as an individual both professionally and personally. From this experience I have gained amazing new skills such as learning how to properly conduct a professional interview, how to give effective, constructive feedback, how to improve my listening and communication skills, and  much more.

“This experience was rewarding in many ways from the skills and knowledge I gained to the help I was able to provide and offer to fellow students.”

How did this experience impact you academically?

Through this experience I have become a well-rounded student with more direct drive to achieve better grades and follow my career goals. I have become a more organized individual and have learned to manage my time and values. Through this experience I have learned more about Career Services and what they have to offer me as a student and have taken advantage of these great resources.

What are your career goals and plans? How did this experience impact them?

Upon graduation, I plan to begin my career in the field of Human Resources for a large corporation or company in either the New York City or Washington DC areas. After getting acquainted with this field, I hope to move my way into an entry-level management position with one of these companies and begin my climb up the network latter. This experience opened the doors to exploring the field of Human Resources. After hearing about my co-workers’ majors and future career goals I begin to investigate this new interest and area of study. After exploring further, I decided to enroll in the Labor Studies and Employment Relations major as well.

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