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Bradley Edwards

Liberal Arts Major: Political Science
Minors: French and Business
Hometown: Yardley, Pennsylvania
Chapel Executive Intern

What was the best part of your experience?

The best part of my experience this summer was working on my key project. I did not know in the beginning that I would be able to work on a project wherein I could actually see how my work affects the company. My project was Small Format Mix Management with a focus on unsaleables. Essentially, I audited and analyzed over 20 accounts with a focus on stores with a high rate of unsaleables and low sales. I then went into these stores on my own to document and identify the problem. Then, I worked with fellow sales representatives to come up to solutions to the unsaleables problem. I decided to create an algorithm that could be used by my district in the future to identify accounts that would be contenders for inventory control units. These units are essential in tackling the problem of unsaleables. I was able to then talk about my project and summer to both regional and national leaders at the end of my internship.

"This internship gave me hands-on experience that I will be able to use wherever I go after graduation."

How did this experience impact you academically?

This experience helped me grow exponentially. I learned all about the way a large corporation functions at a district level. We were able to swap with the supply chain interns for a couple days so I also got to see different sides of the business. I shadowed district sales leaders so I received a summers worth of education on sales. Most importantly, I believe I greatly improved my public speaking skills by delivering my final presentation to both regional and national leaders. I was questioned after these presentations about my work which was an awesome experience. On top of this, I improved my networking skills through intern events wherein I got to speak with regional and national leaders.

How will this experience impact your career goals?

This experience will be one that greatly impacts my career. I observed what it looked like to work hard and to work in a team. On top of this, I got to see the ideas that a company comes up with to keep their employees engaged and motivated to do their best work every single day. This internship gave me hands-on experience that I will be able to use wherever I go after graduation.

How has the Paterno Fellows Program had an impact on this experience?

The Paterno Fellows Program helped make this experience possible for me by encouraging me to apply for enrichment funding. I was fortunate to receive funding from the Chapel Executive Internship Program. I was placed away from home in upstate New York and the financial burden of this would have made things extremely tough were it not for the funding I received as a Chapel Executive Intern. With the aid of the funding, I did not have to worry about the driving and food expenses that came with working in an area far away from home. On top of this, it took a weight off my shoulders and allowed by to really dive into my work.

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