Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project
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Lindsay Simmins

Liberal Arts Major(s): Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Hometown: Laurel Springs, New Jersey

What was the best part of your experience?

The best part of my experience that came from participating in the Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project was my exposure to a country that I had never been to before. Getting to both travel to Israel and live in Israel for a month was a blessing, and one that I will always cherish. Israel is one of the most beautiful and incredible places that I have ever been, and I am grateful to have gotten to experience it. From its mixed cultures and religions to its stunning coastline and its impressive historical sites, Israel is a country that I am looking forward to returning to in the future. I believe that everyone should visit Israel if given the chance, as it truly is a place that has the ability to both mold and move you if you let it.

No matter where I traveled or when, I was constantly learning and growing academically

How did this experience impact you academically?

My Tel Akko experience impacted me academically in a number of ways. While in Tel Akko, I was able to both earn credits for my university and learn how to properly excavate/handle archaeological materials at the same time. On top of this, I was also able to travel around Israel and experience a number of different lectures from the incredible faculty at Tel Akko. No matter where I traveled or when, I was constantly learning and growing academically; the Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project heavily prioritizes education -- as any archaeological excavation that takes students should! As a result, the knowledge that I have gained through my experience in Tel Akko has aided me in my academic growth, and I highly recommend the Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project to anyone who is interested in archaeology!

How will this experience impact your career goals?

My Tel Akko Total Archaeology experience has heavily impacted my career goals as this program has taught me how to properly excavate and how to perform as an archaeologist. Therefore, I have the confidence that I need to move forward in my career, as I plan to work as a classical archaeologist in the future. I cannot imagine a better starting point for someone who is interested in becoming an archaeologist than Tel Akko. The attention to detail at Tel Akko is truly phenomenal, and I cannot speak highly enough of it!

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