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Natasha Roberts

Major: Labor and Employment Relations, Psychology
Hometown: Ardsley, NY

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I found out about this experience through exploring the Liberal Arts website. I was looking originally for enrichment funding for the school year but then I came across this opportunity in my searching process. I then informed my friends about this opportunity.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

I interned at PNC in the Retail Learning space and worked under various Learning & Development Consultants (LDCs). I was assigned various projects within that space revolving around archiving, inputting material in the Virtual Learning Environment, scanning training modules for unapproved language, assisted in creating a training module, and shadowed various LDCs on personal projects. In addition, I utilized the opportunity to shadow managers in various HR functions in order to expand my knowledge of HR as a whole and build my professional network. Before this internship, I was unaware of all the HR functions, but now I have a general understanding of each function and how they all work together. I also helped coordinate a two-day off-site for 50 employees. The off-site was intended to facilitate discussion on how their current HR processes can be reinvented to operate cross-functionally in order to improve the employee experience through the new Work Day platform. Through this experience I was able to hear conversations with employees in each HR function discuss ways that the new HR system can operate cross-functionally. Since each group was assigned a certain portion of the employee experience, I was able to understand more about the employee life cycle and the different systems involved, as well as understand how the different HR functions work together. Lastly, I worked with 10 other interns on a project to improve PNC’s disposition codes and the disposition code process in order to reduce risk and increase efficiency. The project was presented to the CHRO and her direct reports at the end of the summer and will be explored further by the Talent Acquisition Team.

How did this experience impact you academically?

This experience allowed me to utilize what I have been learning in classes and especially touched upon what I have been learning in my graduate level courses. I had a basic knowledge of Human Resources, but this experience allowed me to understand how the knowledge I learned in class applies to the real world with examples I can reference. Additionally, this experience allowed me to expand on my honors thesis. Throughout the summer I spoke with various people in Diversity and Inclusion about my thesis in order to gain their insight on how I can narrow down my topic and see if they could provide me with any resources to reference. Through this I gained different perspectives about the multiracial identity, and I developed a good relationship with the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion and plan to share my thesis with her and her team.

The experience impacted my career goal because it gave me knowledge and experience within most of the HR functions, which allowed me to then decide which areas I want to further explore.

What are your career goals and plans?  How did this experience impact them?

I hope to become a leading figure within the Human Resources field. I have not narrowed down which function I would like to specialize in, but that is a reason why I enjoy Human Resources - I can do various things within this field. The experience impacted my career goal because it gave me knowledge and experience within most of the HR functions, which allowed me to then decide which areas I want to further explore. For example, I had no interest in compensation, but after shadowing compensation for a day, I developed a strong interest in it and want to explore this function in the future.

How has the Paterno Fellows Program had an impact on this experience?

Being a part of the Paterno Fellows program is a big reason why I was given this opportunity. The couple that donated supports the Paterno Fellows program and wants to see Paterno Fellows succeed. Additionally, the Paterno Fellows Program impacted my experience by pushing me to keep learning and find leadership opportunities. The program is designed to push students academically and develop well-rounded students; therefore I transferred this mentality to my internship experience and continuously sought out opportunities to learn. This was done through conversations with people or volunteering to assist on projects as well as seeking out opportunities to enhance my honors thesis.

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