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Salvatore Vetri

Major: Labor and Employment Relations                                                                   Human Resources and Employment Relations (M.S)
Hometown: Montrose, PA

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I first learned about the enrichment experience through various emails and campus advertising. I then spoke with my career advisor, Jessica Steele, in more detail about the enrichment fund opportunity.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

This summer I interned with WisEngineering as a junior recruiter, but I took on more of a consulting role for the organization. WisEngieering is a growing government defense contractor in Dover, New Jersey. The company also has a staffing side, which is where I spent the majority of my time. During my time as WisEnigeering, I initiated and implemented an online filing system that was previously nonexistent at the company. I also began to initiate a more formal hiring process that the company desperately needed. The company is located within the Picatinny Military Arsenal in Dover, New Jersey. Since it was “within the gate”, of the arsenal I was able to experience a workplace centered around military involvement and through this process I began to understand the ways that our government, military, and defense contractors interact. I also was able to view some government proposals, which was a neat experience.

This experience gave me valuable problem solving skills and I also developed a more confident approach when it comes to sharing and implementing my ideas.

How did this experience impact you academically?

This experience impacted me academically in many ways. For starters, I learned to be more of an independent mind. I had to think for myself and implement my own ideas to better the company. This experience gave me valuable problem solving skills and I also developed a more confident approach when it comes to sharing and implementing my ideas. To be more direct, this internship allowed me to build upon my academic studies in a practical workplace environment. I was able to use the tools I learned in various classes throughout my time at WisEnigeering, and it was surprising how often my studies overlapped with my internship

What are your career goals and plans?  How did this experience impact them?

I am currently torn on my specific career goals / plans. My overall goal is to positively impact any organization via each of the nine components on the SHRM competency model. When it comes to a specific career, I am torn between HR business partner, Management consultant, or pursuing a PhD and becoming a professor. This experience showed me that I definitely do not want to be a recruiter. It also gave me a lot of respect for recruiters, that can be a thankless job at times. This experience also showed me that I do enjoy the tasks that a managerial consultant would deal with, but I am still uncertain if I am willing to work upwards of 80 hours per week as a consultant.

Would you recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students?

Yes, 100%. The Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds enabled me to help a growing company for 3 months. It also allowed me to grow professionally and personally. If you have an opportunity but don’t have the capital, apply for enrichment funds!

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