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William Schreiner

Major: Communication Arts and Sciences
Hometown: Kemblesville, PA

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I knew I wanted to work out West this Summer because I love the outdoors. I also knew I would want to work for a company that had some sort of involvement with the outdoors. My father works for Gore-Tex (an outdoor company) so he reached out to a few people he knew that both lived out West and also had connections with people who work in the outdoor industry. After a few email correspondents, I was connected with my current intern director(Sharon). We talked on the phone and she offered me the internship position 3 days later.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

My experience with Active Interest Media has been great so far! I have worked with a team on multiple marketing projects, including creating advertisements for a new online course they are starting. I was also taught what an RFP is, and how to create one. I am currently working on that. My favorite part was attending the Digital Summit series in Denver. This was an event similar to TED talks, except specialized for marketing. I was able to sit and listen from marketing genius'. Since I am working in the Outdoor Group for Active Interest Media, I have been on multiple hikes with clients. This has been great for me, as I have been able to network very well as well as enjoy some physical activity.

How did this experience impact you academically?

Working with the marketing team helped me to gain an understanding of the techniques as well as vocabulary that is best to use when advertising a program. I found that working on an RFP was difficult to do. I had to reach back into some of my old notes when I came across questions that forced me to answer questions in a professional format. However, after finishing the RFP I found myself very comfortably working on other small projects in which I had to write in a professional manner. I took a business writing class at Penn State, and this class prepared me very well for a lot of the work I would be doing in my internship. However, being able to practice a lot of this stuff real-time has been great for accelerating my familiarity with professional writing.

What are your career goals and plans?  How did this experience impact them?

My career goals are not very well defined right now. I know I want to work in an environment where I really enjoy what I do. I value experiences and enjoyment more than money. Therefore, I am not interested in working a job in which I hate every minute just to make more money. I knew I had an interest in marketing, making this internship appealing to me. So far, I would have to say my interest in marketing is still very strong. However, after hearing many different speak at the Digital Summit it seems that creating my own agency or business would be most beneficial to me. I am an extremely hard worker when I am passionate about something. The best way for me to be passionate about something is definitely to create it from the ground up, and tailor it to something that consumers would love just as me. Also, living in an outdoorsy town and in an outdoors business at Active Interest Media has given me the desire to continue to work in the outdoors as well as in the realm of sustainability.

Experiencing different things in a work environment has been very beneficial to my growth as a person as well as a "businessman."

Would you recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students?

I would definitely recommend this. Experiencing different things in a work environment has been very beneficial to my growth as a person as well as a "businessman." Engaging in the coinciding course has also been productive for me to understand what things experience I should be gaining from my internship.

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