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Learn more about participating in an education abroad experience in the College of the Liberal Arts

Dublin, Ireland: Representing the Irish Landscape, Literature and Visual Arts

CIEE: Seville, Spain Summer Language and Culture

Tel Akko TOTAL Archaeology Project

Study Abroad: Literary London

CIEE: Seville, Spain

Dalian University of Technology Program on the Chinese Economy and Language Studies

Rome Study Tour

University College Freiburg, Germany - Schreyer Honors College Program

Study Abroad: Rome, Italy

Embedded Summer Course in Dresden, Germany (GER 201)

Study Tour of Roman History and Archaeology

Montpellier, France

IES Paris, France - Business and International Affairs

Study Abroad: LER 497 G MHR China (Embedded Course)

Study Abroad: CIEE, Alicante, Spain - Liberal Arts

Study Abroad: IES Granada, Spain

COMM419h - World Media Systems embedded course

Study Abroad: Arcadia-University of Westminster; London

Study Abroad Program: Temple Rome, Italy

CIEE Shanghai, China Accelerated Language Program

COMM 419H - World Media Systems Embedded Course Trip

Study Abroad in Puebla, Mexico

Study Abroad in Sri Lanka with Malini Fellowship

Study abroad in Nyeri, Kenya through Penn State

Study Abroad in Tel Akko with the Total Archaeology Project

Study Abroad in Athens, Greece

Study Abroad: IES Barcelona, Spain

Embedded Course: Curacao

Study Abroad: Montpellier, France

Study Abroad: IES Paris, French Studies Program

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