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The Office of the Associate Dean can help you connect with resources across the College of the Liberal Arts, and will work with you directly on academic scholarship questions and applications. They also oversee recruitment activity and can help prospective students learn about our College and navigate the Penn State application process.

118 Sparks Building
(814) 865-1438



Richard Page

Richard Page

  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of German and Linguistics

120 Sparks Building

(814) 865-1438

Staci Kelly

  • Student Awards Coordinator

102 Sparks Building

(814) 863-8308

Chantel Harley

  • Recruitment Manager

103 Sparks Building

(814) 865-7141

Tam Rankin

  • Administrative Operations Coordinator

118 Sparks Building

(814) 863-3876

Adalenne Polk

Adalenne Polk

  • Assistant to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Assistant to the Director, Paterno Fellows Program

119 Sparks Building

(814) 863-4395

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