Graduate Internship Program

Recognizing that graduate students in the humanities and social sciences have highly sought-after writing, communication, and quantitative skills that can enrich the operations of units across the university, the Liberal Arts Graduate Internship Program (GRIP) is designed to connect graduate students in the liberal arts with those university units that can most benefit from their expertise.

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The program seeks to provide humanities and social science Ph.D. students with expanded work experience in a university context without derailing them from their primary course of study or slowing their progress toward their degrees.

How It Works

  • Interested units post an internship position description to the GRIP website, including the name of an identified mentor for the internship
  • As part of the application, the Director of Graduate Studies for the student’s home department submits a brief email supporting the student’s candidacy and verifying that they are in good standing to Alena Sunderland ( The email must indicate that the student’s dissertation advisor is also supportive
  • The unit then interviews and hires the intern for one semester (with the possibility of renewal for a second semester) of 20 hours of work per week
  • The student’s home department appoints him or her as usual; however, the student is released from departmental teaching or research responsibilities for the duration of the internship


  • Hosting unit covers the cost of the student's stipend and fringe for the internship semester
  • Hosting unit dedicates staff time to mentoring
  • College covers the cost of tuition for the student


For Employment in Fall SemesterFor Employment in Spring Semester
March 15: Deadline for hiring unit to submit a position to GRIP website September 15: Deadline for hiring unit to submit a position to GRIP website
April 15: Student application deadline October 15: Student application deadline
May 15: Unit deadline for hiring decision November 15: Unit deadline for hiring decision



Contact Scott Bennett (, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of the Liberal Arts
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