Outstanding Teaching Award for Tenure Line Faculty

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General Information

This award recognizes the contributions made to our undergraduate teaching program by our tenure line faculty.


To be considered for the Outstanding Teaching Award for Tenure Line Faculty, faculty members must be:

  • A tenure line faculty member of the College of the Liberal Arts for at least three years.
  • Classroom instruction: suggested supporting arguments
    • Organizes course materials and content well
    • Communicates effectively
    • Uses humor effectively
    • Uses technology effectively
    • Inspires to learn and motivates
    • Demonstrates a good rapport with students
    • Demonstrates a command of the subject area
    • Shows enthusiasm for subject
    • Stimulates class discussion
    • Maintains an effective delivery style
    • Incorporates recent research into classroom discussion
    • Shows creativity in instructional methods
    • Is an effective role model for students
  • Academic Advising
    • Is available and accessible to students
    • Shows empathy for students
    • Demonstrates good listening skills
    • Understands student life
    • Is able to effectively advise students
    • Provides effective assistance in professional/work force/higher education opportunities

Suggest a faculty member for nomination

Past Winners

2022 Claire Bourne English
Jes Matsick Psychology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
2021 Nergis Ertürk Comparative Literature
Michele Kennerly Communication Arts and Sciences
2020 Tina Chen English
2019 Kathryn Salzer History
2018 Lisa Sterlieb English
2017 Jeremy Engels Communication Arts and Sciences
John Marsh English
2016 Scott Smith English and Comparative Literature
2015 Charlotte Holmes English and Women's Studies
2014 Benjamin Hudson History and Medieval Studies
2013 Tobias Brinkmann History and Jewish Studies
2012 Dean Snow Anthropology
2011 David Myers Political Science
2010 Maria Truglio Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Vincent Colapietro Philosophy
2009 Douglas Lemke Political Science
Michelle Frisco Sociology
2008 Reiko Tachibana Comparative Literature
2007 Rick Gilmore Psychology
Janet Lyon English
2006 Stephen Browne Communication Arts and Sciences
Julia Kasdorf English
2005 Eric Silver Sociology
Carla Mulford English
2004 Cheryl Glenn English
Sherry Roush Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
2003 Vincent Lankewish English
2002 Jeffrey T. Nealon English
Bee-Yan Roberts Economics
2001 N. Edward Coulson Economics
2000 Melvin Mark Psychology
1999 Aida Beaupied Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Richard M. Doyle English
1998 Michael Begnal English and Comparative Literature
Jean-Claude Vuillemin French and Francophone Studies
1997 William Harris English
Bruce Weigl English
1996 Karen Johnson Applied Linguistics
1995 Peter Schneeman English
Michael Johnson Sociology, Women's Studies, and African American Studies
1994 Ellen Knodt (Ogontz) English
Paul Cornwell Psychology
1993 Keith Crocker Economics
1992 William Parsonage Sociology
1991 Christiane Makward French and Francophone Studies
1990 James Hatch Anthropology
1989 Manfred Keune Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
1988 Philip Stebbins History and Jewish Studies
1987 Raymond Lombra Economics
1986 Douglas Pedersen Communication Arts and Sciences
1985 Marie Secor English
1984 Michael Danahy French and Francophone Studies
1983 Jackson J. Spielvogel History
1982 Robert E. Lougy English
1981 John Moore English
1980 Gerard Hauser Communication Arts and Sciences
1979 Lorraine Kapitanoff Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
1978 Robert Stern Psychology
1977 Beno Weiss Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
1976 Carroll Arnold Communication Arts and Sciences
1975 Steve Grecco English
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