Outstanding Teaching Award for Teaching Faculty

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General Information

This award recognizes the contributions made to our undergraduate teaching program by our non-tenure line faculty. It was formerly called the 'Outstanding Teaching Award for Lecturers.'


To be considered for the Outstanding Teaching Award for Teaching Faculty, a faculty member must meet the following criteria:

  • Has been a member of the faculty of the College of the Liberal Arts for a minimum of three years;
  • Has taught at least ten courses;
  • Teaches undergraduate courses;
  • Holds a Fixed-Term Multi-Year, Fixed-Term I, Fixed-Term II, or an Instructorship appointment

Suggest a faculty member for nomination

Past Winners

2022 Bettina Brandt German
C.Libby Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
2021 Beth Gerace Psychology
Margaret Michels Communication Arts and Sciences
2020 Sharon Childs Applied Linguistics
2019 Dave Brown Economics
2018 Nikki Mattson Applied Linguistics
2017 Mark McLeod Economics
2016 Cathleen Hunt Psychology
2015 David Wimer Psychology
2014 Solange Garnier-Fox French and Francophone Studies
2013 Robin Kramer Communication Arts and Sciences
2012 Thomas Houston Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
2011 Samar Farage Sociology
2010 Jill Wood Women's Studies
Jeff Love Psychology
2009 Peggy Blue Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Mark McLeod Economics
2008 Lori Bedell Communication Arts and Sciences
Diana Gruendler English
2007 Russell Chuderewicz Economics
Paul Kellermann English
2006 Laurie Scheuble Sociology
Virginia Smith English
2005 Vincenzo Gatto Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Dirk Mateer Economics
2004 Gregg Rogers English
2003 Galina Khmelkova Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
José Texidor Sociology
2002 Jillian Smith English
Andrew Peck Psychology
2001 Guadalupe Martí-Peña Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
2000 Yoko Nogami Asian Studies
Nicholas Capo English
1999 Loretta Zehngut Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
1998 Marie Gillette Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
1997 Rosemary L. Gido Crime, Law, and Justice
Lorena A. Waselinko English
1996 Cynthia M. Finch Communication Arts and Sciences
Stephanie Hollick English
1995 Cecilia Mameli Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Ann Marie Thigpen English
Sam Richards Sociology
1994 Leslie Bradley English
James Adams History
1993 Nancy Lowe English
Art Welsh Economics
1992 Linda Selzer English
Paul Perrone English
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