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General Information 

This award provides recognition to employees, or a team of employees, who initiate change and uses creativity to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, products, or services, embraces change and inspires others to adapt to change.


The employee demonstrates a combination of the following:

    • Develops solutions to difficult existing problems effectively and productively or improves overall effectiveness through a new method or approach
    • Develops unique, valuable, and imaginative ideas that have a significant impact on the lives of students, staff, faculty, and/or other community members within a unit, department, or across the College or University
    • Develops new or improved processes, methods, systems, programs, or services for their team, department, or the College
    • Encourages others to think differently and implements process improvements or, who advocates for and enthusiastically implements changes in the department or college


Individual or Team

Nominating Procedure 

Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, students, and alumni.  The nomination shall consist of:

    • Nominator Information
    • Nominee Information
    • Supporting Letters:  Two supporting letters, each letter not to exceed one page in length.
        1. One letter of support from the nominator
        2. One additional letter of support from someone who has a working relationship with the nominee   


Mini Statue + $750

Eligibility Requirements 

Standing and fixed-term, non-exempt, exempt, and technical service employees in the College of the Liberal Arts. 

    • Employed by the College for a minimum of 12 months as of the nomination deadline
    • Must be rated as a successful contributor or above per the performance evaluation metrics and has not had any disciplinary actions within the last 12 months
    • Past recipients of awards are eligible for nomination in the same category after three years unless otherwise specified within the award description

Wondering who to nominate? Sample questions to consider:

    • Who identifies a process and streamlines it?
    • Who is willing to take risks with the intent to create something new or better? (Not every risk has to pan out!)
    • Who take the lead to make productive changes?
    • Who uses creativity to develop new or improved processes?

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Supporting Letter Information

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