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Pre-nominations for 2022-2023 awards are now open

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College Level Staff Awards

University Level Staff Awards

Award for Administrative Excellence
Recognizes a staff member whose performance methods and achievements exemplify administrative excellence. Criteria considered in the evaluation of nominees include: 1) Total experience in administrative position(s). 2) Accumulative levels of responsibility and authority. 3) Years of service at the University, and in present position. 4) Impact on own organization, and on University in general. 5) Content of material submitted by nominators.

Barash Award for Human ServiceRecognizes a student body who has contributed to human causes, public service activities and organization, or the welfare of fellow humans performed in University Park, Borough of State College, or townships of College, Patton, Harris, or Ferguson.

Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity AwardRecognizes a full-time University staff member who promotes the concept of equal opportunity through affirmative action and/or contributes to enhancing the educational environment of the University through improving cross-cultural understanding. Employee must have at least two or more years of active service and meet one or more of the following criteria: 1) Demonstrated commitment in the spirit of equal opportunity through affirmative action. 2) Demonstrated leadership in the elimination of discrimination through encouragement or understanding between person of different races, sexes, age groups, ethnicity, or religious heritage. 3) Demonstrated commitment to meeting the special needs of students, faculty, or staff who are members of traditionally underrepresented groups.

McKay Donkin AwardRecognizes contributions of a full-time staff member or retiree to the “economic, physical, mental, or social welfare of the faculty” of the University.

Staff Excellence AwardRecognizes a full-time University staff member with outstanding performance and who has demonstrated and practiced the philosophy of continuous quality improvement, team spirit, managerial excellence in the performance of assigned duties, and provided leadership in establishing a quality service orientation, so as to benefit his or her unit and the University. Employee must have at least five years of active service and meet one or more of the following criteria: 1) Demonstrated sensitivity to others. 2) Leadership commitment to teamwork and efficiency of operation. 3) Demonstrated ability to skillfully manage his/her unit. 4) Committed to continuous quality improvement. 5) Demonstrated service orientation to unit customers.

Staff Support AwardRecognizes overall high quality performance of a full-time non-exempt member of the staff in fulfilling the mission of the University and of his/her unit. Employee must have at least five years of active University service and meet the following criteria: 1) Dedicated focus to customer service. 2) Commitment to quality improvement. 3) Outstanding abilities. 4) Teamwork. 5) Professionalism.

W. LaMarr Kopp International Achievement AwardRecognizes an undergraduate student who made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the international mission of the University. Undergraduate students must have been enrolled full-time for two consecutive semesters to be eligible.

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