Raymond E. Lombra and Roberta Lombra Outstanding Graduate Research Award

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General Information

This award has been named in honor of Ray Lombra’s eighteen years of service as an associate dean in the college and recognizes high-quality contributions to the humanities and the social sciences by enrolled graduate students working toward their advanced degrees. Awards are made each year—in the humanities and in the social sciences—for the best articles or books published or forthcoming by graduate students registered in the college.

For more information contact Alena Sunderland, (814) 865-1439, .


To be considered for this award, a graduate student must meet the following criteria:

  • the article or book should have been published in the current calendar year or is forthcoming, in press;
  • the student should be the sole author, or, in the case of joint authorship, the senior author (as attested to by the director of graduate studies).

The overriding criterion is excellence. Considerable weight will be accorded to the standing of the journal or the press publishing the research. Normally, papers should be in refereed journals. For forthcoming publications, all requested revisions must be complete by the time of nomination.

Suggest a Graduate student for nomination

Past Winners

2022 Brandon Bolte Political Science
Cole Callen Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Corinne Lajoie Philosophy
Christopher Paul Willis Political Science
2021 Scott Doebler History
Mercer Gary Philosophy and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Talia Shirazi Anthropology
Xi Tian Communication Arts and Sciences
2020 Curry Kennedy English
Haley Schnieder Communication Arts and Sciences
Junqiang Dai Psychology
2019 Chloe Callahan-Flintoft Psychology
Xu Xu Political Science
Cecily Zander History
Sean Weidman English
2018 Grant Berry Spanish
Nicholas Jacobson Psychology
2017 Claire Ebert Anthropology
Michael Gadaleto English
2016 Evan Rothera History
Angela Grant Psychology
2015 Matthew Price English
Giorgia Picci Psychology
2014 Paul Zajac English
Xian Zhang Applied Linguistics
Andrew Boutton Political Science
2013 Emily Baldys English
Jessica Maves Political Science
2012 Joseph Beeney Psychology
Will Bryan History
German Campos-Munoz Comparative Literature
Patrick Rafail Sociology
2011 Eitan Tzelgov Political Science
Remi Adam van Compernolle Applied Linguistics
2010 Shawn Moiles English
Aidan Wright Psychology
2009 Ziad Bentahar Comparative Literature
Shawn Dorius Sociology
2008 Annika Farber Comparative Literature
Sonja Siennick Sociology
2007 Ashley Marshall English
Tai-Wei Hu Economics
Sonja Siennick
(Honorable Mention)
Crime, Law, and Justice
2006 Leigh Johnson Philosophy
Lauren Strober Psychology
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