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Richard Frank

Graduation Year: 1994
Major: English
Current Job: Vice President of Brand Strategy and Creative Services, AccuWeather
Location: Boalsburg, PA

Richard ‘Rich’ Frank, a 1994 graduate of the College of the Liberal Arts, currently serves as the Vice President of Brand Strategy and Creative Services at AccuWeather in Boalsburg, PA. Frank studied English at Penn State.

Frank grew up in Altoona, close to State College, which sparked his interest from a young age in Penn State. Throughout his life, Frank knew he wanted to write. The College of the Liberal Arts provided Frank with perfect training for his career. Liberal Arts helped Frank gain skills that help him lead and communicate in his professional life. As Frank says, “other majors teach you how to be a professional, the Liberal Arts teach you how to lead professionals.”

Tom Hanks can be credited as the reasoning behind Frank becoming a creative director. Hanks starred as a creative director in the film, “Nothing in Common.” After viewing the movie, Frank said, “I want to be him!”

In his role as Vice President of Brand Strategy and Creative Service, Frank experiences something different each day. Frank’s primary job is to act as the brand’s voice, as well as to develop and implement strategy for Accuweather, the world’s largest weather media company. The challenge, Frank says, is in speaking to app users as well as network viewers globally. For Frank, “the challenge is a fun one.” Before working with Accuweather, Frank worked in ad agencies as a copywriter and a creative director and spent ten seasons running the advertising and media for the Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball team.

To any students currently studying majors in the College of the Liberal Arts, Frank says it is so important to focus on the “why, not the what.” In a liberal arts program, Frank explained that any soft skills learned are invaluable to whatever career or business field you could land in. In the liberal arts, skills such as critical thinking, direct communication, and problem solving are developed and can aid in elevating your career.

His main regret from his time as a student is that he did not get involved in student organizations. Frank recommends that students take advantage of the Penn State education and all the opportunities there are to grow your resume before graduating.

Frank has continued to be an active alumnus at Penn State. He has gotten involved through the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program. “The experience I’ve had as a mentor is dependent on the proactive nature of the mentee. My current mentee is amazing, super smart, very professional, and ready for a bright and exciting career,” Frank said.

Frank is also active in the Bellisario College of Communications as an adjunct instructor in their advertising and public relations programs. One last piece of advice that Frank has for any Penn Stater is to “play the Nittany Lion card. Alumni are always willing to help our own. Penn State has one of the largest, if not the largest alumni base in the world. Take advantage of that, whether its help with networking, job shadowing, interviewing, or even job postings. We take care of our own.”

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