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Liberal Arts Alumni Society

Launched in 1972 by Sue Paterno and others, the Liberal Arts Alumni Society represents over 100,000 Liberal Arts alumni. Its mission is to connect an increasing portion of Liberal Arts alumni with the college to utilize their time and resources in support of the dean, faculty, and students.


Liberal Arts Leaders

Liberal Arts Leaders are the men and women leading the way in advancing the college during the For the Future campaign by making gifts of $100,000 or more. Leaders are honored annually at a dinner that recognizes and celebrates the significant impact their philanthropy has on the college and the people who are at its core.

Development Council

The Development Council was created in 1996. The thirty volunteer members serve as the top external advisory board to the dean. They contribute their time, talent, and resources, with particular focus on alumni relations, communications, and development efforts, in support of the college's pursuit of national leadership in the liberal arts.

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