Liz Kauffman

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Liz Kauffman

Current Position:

Foreign Service OfficerU.S. Department of State


Q: What are some of the topics you talk about?

We speak about twice a month, or more often in the summertime when we see each other in person. I like to hear about her experiences and perspectives, like her study abroad and how her ideas changed because of the experience. We’ve talked about doing a mock interview at some point and about how to describe her leadership roles to future employers.


Q: What type of things do you and Lisa have in common?

Lisa is very interested in learning about other parts of the world, and she’s learned a lot through the study abroad program. We’re both very interested in History, and how it can apply to current events. We also have similar tastes in literature and movies.


Q: What sort of insights have you gained into the younger generation through the program?

I find that today’s students are much more internationally aware than I was at their age. They have more overseas experiences, and I’m impressed by their volunteer commitments.


Q: What motivated you to become a mentor?

I’m certainly interested in getting talented, curious, and well-rounded students interested in international careers. Our country’s future issues are going to be challenging, and I want such talented students to try to guide our choices and guide our development.

Also, I enjoy learning what today’s Penn State students are interested in and I also feel I have a debt to provide whatever help I can because I was helped along the way. During my Penn State career, there were mentors and people who influenced and helped me along the way, and I need to pay it back.

Q: What is most fulfilling about your mentor/mentee relationship?

I would say having the honor to watch a student develop her talents and develop ideas about how she wants to contribute when she graduates school.

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