Carshena Culmer

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Carshena Culmer

Recent Graduate

Q: What are some of the thoughts you had going into the program?

I wasn’t really sure what the program was, I thought it would be a great opportunity. I was excited to see who I would be matched with. Once I understood what the program was about I felt happy to be a part of it.


Q: How has your mentoring experience benefitted your academic/professional life?

It’s benefitted me academically by giving me more drive to perform in my final year at Penn State. As a senior, I am sometimes unmotivated, and Randy (my mentor) gives me the push I need to finish successfully. He was a student here and understands the stresses of senior year.


Q: What would you say to students about why they should participate?

Students should definitely apply to the program and take advantage of the opportunities it provides. We all have goals in life, and building a strong network of friends and mentors can make achieving those goals easier.


Q: What are your career goals and plans---and how has your mentorship influenced them?

My ultimate goal as of now is to attend law school. Randy has been very helpful because he’s been on that path and he has been able to help me head in that direction. I may participate in the Teach for America program as well because I have a passion for teaching and it would be a great opportunity.

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