Tyler Mulhearn

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Tyler Mulhearn



Semester Standing:

Q: What are some of the thoughts you had going into the program?

I wanted to get some career development and direction. At the time I applied, I knew what major I was interested in, but I wasn’t entirely sure of my career aspirations. Talking with an adult who was not one of my parents would give me an unbiased appraisal of my career goals.


Q: How has your mentoring experience benefitted your academic/professional life?

It has been beneficial in helping me develop my interests, and getting to know David has helped me to discover the career path that I would like to take after graduation. I appreciate his objective opinion, and his help in developing my resume or looking for internships has been very useful. David has also helped me develop a more professional and more mature mindset in considering my career path.


Q: What would you say to students about why they should participate?

I feel very satisfied with the overall structure of the program and how helpful it’s been. There is so much a student can learn from an adult who is in a career path they are considering.  The mentor really helps the student in bridging the gap between the structured nature of college and the uncertainty of post-college life.


Q: What are your career goals and plans---and how has your mentorship influenced them?

I’m currently a senior applying to graduate school programs in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. I recently had a meeting with David and I was struggling between applying for a Master’s or a PhD program. I asked David of his opinion on the matter, and his suggestion influenced my decision for the long term.


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