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Mike Bolze


Crime, Law, and Justice

Semester Standing:

Hingham, MA


Q: What are some of the thoughts you had going into the program?

I knew I wanted to go into law enforcement, and thought I’d be paired with someone local. When I met my mentor at the luncheon, I was surprised to be paired with someone in the FBI.

It was exciting! To be talking with an alumnus in such a high ranking position, I was blown away and extremely glad for the opportunity.


Q: How has your mentoring experience benefitted your academic/professional life?

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to get into law enforcement and Jim was able to give me a lot of career advice and planning, which helped me narrow my focus on entering the field. Thanks to Jim, I met some people with the Massachusetts State Police that he knew, and he helped me lay out my path forward.

Q: What would you say to students about why they should participate?

It’s a fantastic program, and even if a student isn’t paired with someone so high up in a particular career, you would still benefit by being connected with someone who has been out the real world. it’s a great way to get experience in working with professional people.

Q: What are your career goals and plans---and how has your mentorship influenced them?

Jim helped me decide on whether or not I should do an internship, and he reviewed my resume. He offered ideas about starting in the summer to improve my chances of getting into the Massachusetts State Police.

My mentor is perfect for me because he went through a path that I am going through now. Jim started his career with the State Police and moved higher into law enforcement.

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