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Josey Lee



Semester Standing:

Monaca, PA


Q: What are some of the thoughts you had going into the program?

I was a little nervous, and didn’t know what to expect, or how close of a relationship it was supposed to be.

I was uncertain about it, however, I thought I could get some good direction and feedback which I felt I needed at the time because I was undecided in my major and wanted to talk to someone who could tell me about what I might do or how to handle internships.


Q: How has your mentoring experience benefitted your academic/professional life?


I learned a lot about how to form a good resume, how to approach internships, and my mentor has definitely encouraged me to open my mind to different possibilities.

He helped me find an internship working with intellectually disabled people, which was very enlightening. He doesn’t tell me what to do specifically, but offers guidance in potential paths I might take moving forward.


Q: What would you say to students about why they should participate?


I would say that students can benefit from it, even if they know where they’re going; you can gain the benefit of the mentor’s experience and talk to someone who is willing to talk to you, help you, and offer different perspectives and insights on what’s out there.





Q: What are your career goals and plans---and how has your mentorship influenced them?


I’m considering social work, although I’m not sure what specifically what I want to do in the field. I think I might like to work with children or homeless people. I’ve thought of graduate school for social work after taking a year off and maybe getting out into the world to help me figure more of what I want I want out of a career.

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