Joel Kaber

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Joel Kaber

Current Position:

CEO, Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey


Q: What are some of the topics you talk about?

Everything from attending graduate school, relevant course selection, Rachel’s (my mentee) extracurricular activities, networking, future employment, and networking, among other things.


Q: Do you find it difficult to find common ground due to a generation difference?

It has been very pleasant and natural. I enjoyed listening to and reasoning out with a young person the issues that they were dealing with, and I believe that she appreciated the years of experience that I brought to the table.


Q: What motivated you to become a mentor?

The development officer suggested this program to keep me connected to PSU and help me learn more about the College of Liberal Arts while helping a gifted student. I have always had a very strong affinity to the University and I thought this was a great idea to keep me engaged and a way for me to "give back." It certainly was.


Q: What is most fulfilling about your mentor/mentee relationship?

What I enjoyed the most is giving something back to my alma mater and at the same time working with a very bright, interested, and caring young person. We had a regular schedule of emails and phone calls. Rachel always had a list of items to discuss/review and I responded to her promptly, and thereby the relationship took on an air of importance to both of us.


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