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David Krause

Current Position:

Chief Medical Officer, Tarsa Therapeutics, Inc.


Q: What are some of the topics you and your mentee talk about?

Often, we talk about Tyler’s career aspirations, internships, and about his choosing a graduate school in which to attend.

We talk about once a quarter, often using the software Skype. When we first started using Skype, it was nice to have an objective to set together in learning how to use that program effectively.


Q: Do you find it difficult to find common ground due to a generation difference?

As far as generation differences, that hasn’t been a concern really I very much enjoy interacting with young people and like to offer any help I can. I really enjoy talking with Tyler. He’s very goal-oriented, and I’ve gotten to know that he is a very level-headed person.


Q: What motivated you to become a mentor?

Mentoring is fun and doesn’t really cost any money or too much time…and, in a way, it’s a small way to give something back. It’s a much more fulfilling way of giving back than making a financial donation.


Q: What is most fulfilling about your mentor/mentee relationship?

I enjoy having a communication channel into undergrad life and what it’s like to be an undergrad in today’s world. I feel that it’s good to keep that dimension of my life alive.


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