Daniel Nieto

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Daniel Nieto



Semester Standing:

Scotch Plains, NJ


Q: What are some of the thoughts you had going into the program?

It sounded like something I’d like to get into, but I wasn’t sure if as a senior, I would be accepted. When I was accepted, I got nervous about establishing a relationship with someone in this context and showing that I am a good student and was worthy of his time.


Q: How has your mentoring experience benefitted your academic/professional life?

One of the things I’ve learned is that not everything is perfect. In my internship, I experienced the realities of the working world and how direct employers can be. Ernie helped me to put these experiences into perspective. He taught me to listen more and not take things personally in the world of work.



Q: What would you say to students about why they should participate?

There are things that you will not be prepared for, and having someone with experience can help you come to understand these things earlier and help you move on. In my case, Ernie gave me the kind of advice I needed to perform much better and feel more at home in my internship. It will prepare you to overcome that first-time nervousness.


Q: What are your career goals and plans---and how has your mentorship influenced them?

My career goal is to earn a job that I’m happy at, that deals globally, allows me to interact with people from around the world, and help mediate interactions between people who want to understand and work with each other. Ernie’s help on everything from advice on my internship to my resume preparation has given me the ability to improve my resume and self-presentation, which has actually impressed potential employers at job fairs.

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