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Roger Longenderfer

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'73 Anthropology | Senior Consultant, Pride Philanthropy | Philadelphia, PA
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Roger Longenderfer

More than twenty years in the health care industry as a doctor and an administrator have led Roger to believe “Health care is not broken; it is evolving.”

After attending a vocational high school and serving in the Navy, Roger came to Penn State ready to explore new career options. He followed his love of biological anthropology into medical school at Hahnemann Medical College. Roger served the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area as a primary care physician for more than a decade.

In the early 1990s, he began his career in hospital administration, eventually leading him to Pinnacle Health System in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There, Roger led the organization as president and CEO for almost ten years, before retiring in 2010.

Roger continues to work with health care organizations to reinvent and manage themselves in an ever-changing field. Responding to those who say health care in the United States has declined, he states, “There have been dramatic changes, but many of these are for the good.”

Although retired, Roger is working tirelessly as a consultant and teacher to provide invaluable knowledge and experience to health care organizations. In this role, he assists organizations in bringing them back to the root of their mission as health care providers, challenging them to move away from old business models and respond to changes in the field.

Roger and his wife, Michele, serve the Harrisburg and Philadelphia communities in many ways as volunteers and philanthropists. Roger was the campaign chair for the United Way of Harrisburg in 2008. The couple has a passion for the arts and has supported outreach programs for young dancers, musicians, and artists.

They have also thoroughly enjoyed mentoring and tutoring young people in many fields, and Roger is a mentor in the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program. He served on the Liberal Arts Alumni Society Board as well, from 2012–2017.

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