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Jim McJunkin

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'82 Administration of Justice | Vice President, Chicago Cubs | Chicago, IL
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Jim McJunkin

From his first job with the Pennsylvania State Police to his most recent leadership role at the FBI, Jim has worked for nearly 30 years to protect Americans from threats and terrorist attacks here and abroad.

A 1982 graduate with an Administration of Justice degree, Jim began his professional career as a trooper with the Pennsylvania State Police. Later, he joined the FBI and served in various capacities at the San Antonio, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. field offices. 

In 2003, Jim was promoted to Unit Chief within the International Terrorism Operation Section at the FBI Headquarters’ Counterterrorism Division. He was recognized with the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award for leading the effort to thwart a terror threat directed at the 2004 Presidential Election and was subsequently selected as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge in D.C. In this role, Jim managed counterterrorism investigations and supervised overseas investigations involving attacks against U.S. citizens. In 2010, after serving as Deputy Director for Law Enforcement at the CIA, Section Chief of International Terrorism Operations, and Deputy Assistant Director for FBI Counterterrorism Operations, Jim was appointed as Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division. 

At a 2011 Penn State conference on counterterrorism, Jim told the audience: "Over time the government and mainstream America might forget, but for every attack that has been successful, there are fifteen that were stopped. Your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren will face this threat. I'm telling you this from 24 years of experience." 

Jim continues to use his Liberal Arts education each day at the FBI. Today, Jim continues to “give back” to his alma mater by participating in the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor program.

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