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George F. Gowen, Jr.

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'81 Economics | Owner, Avir Realty Group, LLC | Wilmington, DE
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George F. Gowen, Jr.

George F. Gowen, Jr. currently resides in the greater Philadelphia area. Since graduating with a degree in economics in 1981, Gowen has gained more than three decades of experience in the field.

Currently, Gowen is the owner of Avir Realty Group, LLC. Beginning in the early 1990s, Gowen was made a partner of the Avir Corporation. In this role, he has been a part of acquisitions, dispositions, analysis, debt origination, raising capital, and the different aspects of asset and property management. Avir has a portfolio that totals more than 2 million square feet of industrial area, as well as office space. Much of this square footage has been sold with high rates of return. In 1998, Gowen decided to start Avir Realty Group, LLC. This company was an affiliate of Avir Corporation and was responsible for consulting and brokerage. Avir has an impressive collection of work, having represented companies such as GM, Allstom, DuPont, Ryder, Accugenix, Infoguard, and Sardo and Sons. Gowen is also responsible for supervising the construction of projects varying from completely new developments to minor tenant improvements. 

After graduating from Penn State, Gowen initially went into computer sales. When asked about that experience, he says, “After my first career track job, selling computers, I went into the commercial RE business. I started as an industrial sales and leasing broker and my new boss said, ‘We are sending you to Wilmington, DE. With your Penn State and IBM background, DuPont is going to love you.’ He was correct.” 
Gowen’s advice to current students is this: “College is a start to your adult life. Being a Penn State Liberal Arts grad is a great start, and our massive alumni network will always be useful. Your degree will position you well to succeed in an infinite array of opportunities, including business. Choosing a liberal arts education means you are well-rounded and have covered an array of subjects. Navigating your way through Penn State requires people skills and the ability to deal with a very large organization. You will continue to learn through the rest of your life.” 

To this day, Gowen continues to be an active alumnus of the college. He will participate as a panelist at the the Alumni in Business Panel during Liberal Arts Career Week in January 2020. He is also a member of the Liberal Arts Alumni Society Board.

“I enjoy seeing young people getting a good start to a successful life at our great University,” he said. “My children went to elite small liberal arts colleges, Williams and Colby. It blew their mind to come to Penn State for homecoming football weekend. The school spirit at Penn State is a supernatural force, which is why the Incredible Hulk is an alumnus.” 

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