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Lauren Pyle

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'19 History and Labor and Employment Relations | Campus Recruiter, Oracle Corporation | Burlington, MA
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Lauren Pyle

Liberal Arts Majors: History and Labor and Employment Relations

Hometown: Ford City, PA

Current Location: Boston, MA

What enrichment activities did you participate in as a student?

As a student, I completed internships primarily in the public sector. I interned for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Armstrong County District Attorney's Office, and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as an HR Intern. On campus, I was very involved with the Gender Equity Center and Panhellenic Council as a Peer Educator for the Program GreeksCARE, as well as an active member of Delta Gamma.

What was your first job after graduating from Penn State?

I'm currently in my first job after graduation as a Business Development Consultant at Oracle. In my role, I qualify and identify business opportunities for my company and serve as my teams "Super User," communicating between my team and our Sales Tools Department.

What was your favorite class and/or who was your favorite faculty member?

It's a tie between Professor Lawrence in the History department and Erika Shoffner in the School of LER. Both are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and invested in their students' success. Great senses of humor, too!

How did your liberal arts education and skills prepare you for life after graduation?

I felt a lot more well-rounded than I expected. I work in a sales role now, and don't feel like I had less of an advantage than my peers with business degrees. Liberal arts introduced me to lots of different perspectives of thinking, and I apply those in my work every day.

What networking advice would you share with current students?

Networking is how I have my career. When I applied to Oracle, I reached out to alumni in my role. They helped me with the interview process, brainstorm questions to anticipate, and made introductions at my career a lot warmer. I also keep in touch with two LER alumni mentors who have always been willing to hop on a call, if I have questions regarding my career or simply to look over a resume adjustment. The biggest piece of advice I would give to students now is to put yourself out there! Engage in the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program offered by the college, or even send a LinkedIn message to an alum if they have a career path similar to the one you plan to pursue. People are usually pretty willing to help with advice!

What role have mentors played in your career progression?

My mentors have sent me career postings, revised my resume, conducted mock interviews, and helped me prepare for interviews. A mentor is a great outside perspective to have, as well as to run ideas by. I feel like I have someone who cares about my success and is willing to assist me in whatever I need to get there!

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