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Penn State Liberal Arts Alumni!

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'80 Political Science | Former Mayor of Tampa, Florida

'05 Crime, Law, and Justice | Anti-Human Trafficking Staff Attorney, Nationalities Service Center | Philadelphia, PA

'03 Political Science, Mathematics | President and CEO | Blase Policy Strategies LLC | Reston, VA

'85 Political Science/Economics | Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State | Erbil, Iraq

'95 Speech Communication | Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, and Host | Los Angeles, CA

'94 English | Owner and President | Frank Creative | State College, PA

'02 Sociology, Psychology, Women's Studies | Director, Alliance for Securing Democracy | Washington, D.C.

'97, '99g Anthropology | Chief Digital Officer, Connectiv | Richmond, VA and New York, NY

'81 Economics | Owner, Avir Realty Group, LLC | Wilmington, DE

'05 International Politics | Middle East Regional Platform Program Officer, USAID | Frankfurt, Germany

'13 International Politics, History, Spanish | Senior Event Producer and Creative Director, Bond Events | Washington, D.C.

'15 English, Communication Arts and Sciences | Business Development Associate, UC Berkeley Executive Education | San Francisco, CA

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