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Penn State Liberal Arts Alumni!

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’14 International Politics and Journalism | Assistant Vice President of National Development, USSA International | New York, NY

’15 International Politics | Manager, Grassroots and Public Policy, National Confectioners Association | Washington, D.C.

’83 French Business | Retired Executive Manager, CIA | Washington, D.C.

’15 Labor and Employment Relations, Labor and Human Resources, and Psychology | Early Talent and Diversity Program Manager, The NRP Group | Cleveland, OH

’09 Communication Arts and Sciences | Senior Director, Football Operations and Administration, National Football League | New York, NY

’05 Letters, Arts, and Sciences | Global Commercial Counsel, Biogen | Cambridge, MA

’87 Administration of Justice | Head of Corporate Security, Spark Therapeutics | Newtown, PA

’93 Administration of Justice | Head of Fraud and Risk Strategy, Walmart eCommerce | Sunnyvale, CA

’14 International Politics | Client Services Associate, National Real Estate Advisors, LLC | Washington, D.C.

’10 International Politics | Foundations Manager, Giffords | San Francisco, CA

’17 Economics | Category Management Advisor, Cigna | Philadelphia, PA

’99 International Politics | Executive Vice President, South Carolina Hospital Association | Columbia, SC

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