September 30, 2015: Burrowes Project Updates

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Burrowes colleagues,

We are coming down the home stretch on completion of the Burrowes' renovations.    Chris reports that " The majority of the south wing is completed (see photo #1) and the furniture installation is occurring now with the north wing right behind (photo #5).  The amount of natural light entering both wings from the large windows at the end of each corridor is very impressive.  Both the north and south knuckles are enclosed (photo #2) and the masonry work surrounding the glass façades is in process.  These areas continue to represent unique and attractive design features of the building.  Painting and other finish work is progressing nicely in the core of the building (photo #4)  as well as bathroom countertops, tile, and flooring throughout (photo #3).  You will start to see landscaping begin on the north west side of the building in the near future.  The overall schedule remains on track for a December completion.  We are starting to coordinate the move-in plans and associated logistics to support this timeframe."

If you have any project specific questions, please let  Chris know.  Regards, Susan

Overall Progress:

    • Carpet installed North Wing floors 1 thru 4
    • Interior framing in South Knuckle started
    • Enclosed North Knuckle
    • Painted core 2nd, 4th
    • Grading on West side started
    • North Side drainage work started
    • Roofing work continues

Upcoming Work:

    • Finish masonry on South Knuckle
    • Carpet to be installed in the Core
    • Completion of elevator in North Knuckle
    • Complete North side drainage
    • Partitions and fixtures in bathrooms to start
    • South Wing stair treads to be completed



#1 - South Wing - 4th floor office


#2 - North Knuckle


#3 - Men's bathroom glass tiling


#4 - Core Admin area


#5 - South Wing - 2nd floor

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