September 2, 2014: Burrowes Project Update

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To:  Colleagues interested in the Burrowes project
From:  Susan Welch
Chris Hort and I met with a member of the university architect staff who showed us plans for the landscaping in front of Burrowes that will be done next fall.  New trees will be planted to replace those that have died, the angled walkway from the front of the south of the building to the mall sidewalks will be broadened, and other plantings will be done.  They will also attempt to make the landscaping on the front of Sparks and Burrowes symmetrical with each other.
Here's an update from Chris:
The project schedule remains on track and the site utility work in the Pattee Mall area has been completed.  The mall area reopened in time for start of Fall semester and site work continues on the back side of the building.
Overall Progress:
  • South knuckle demolition is complete
  • Basement foundation modifications in progress, 2/3 complete
  • MEP rough-in started on the upper floors
  • North Areaway excavation continues
  • Fireproofing complete through 3rd floor
  • Floor leveling in Core started (2 floors complete)

Upcoming Work:

  • North Areaway will be poured and north knuckle excavation will begin
  • Basement foundation work will continue
  • MEP rough-in will continue
  • Site utility work will continue within the site and on the east side (back side) of the building
  • Fireproofing and metal framing will continue



west elevation, view from Sparks



west elevation - south knuckle



core building, 4th floor rough in



south wing, 3rd floor



basement, foundation work

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